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Annual Impact Reports

The GCTLC Annual Impact Reports provide an overview of the activities of the GCTLC program over the previous calendar year. The reports include updates on program activities, technical development, statistics on platform users and resources, analysis of platform data and traffic, and more. Links to previous reports are available below.

Read the 2023 Report

In 2023, the project team officially launched the new GCTLC platform to the world. The 2023 Annual Impact Report highlights some of the initial statistics, content and resources available through this new platform as well as updates on the GCTLC's Advisory Committee (formerly the Leadership Committee) and highlights from the year's conferences and events. Read the full report here to learn more (or download a copy below).


Last updated: April 9, 2024.

cover page for the 2023 GCTLC Annual Impact Report with green text on a white background