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Founding Sponsors of the GCTLC

The founding sponsors for the GCTLC played a critical role in bringing the platform from ideation to fruition and launch. The founding sponsors believed in the platform's mission and vision from the beginning, and helped the project team and GCTLC Leadership Committee/Advisory Group to complete the necessary ground work to shape the platform into what it is today. The project team and the platform's users and community members will be forever grateful to the founding sponsors' support making this dream a reality.

diagram showing the connection between GCTLC and five critical areas of focus for the platform in small coloured bubbles
pot with plant and two leaves next to the word "thrive"
millipore sigma logo
millipore sigma logo
argosy foundation logo with swirling line

pot with plant and two small leaves with word "grow" next to it
cell signalling technology logo with white tree in blue block

pot with plant with two very small seeds with word "nurture" next to it
department of ecology state of washington logo with landscape water and sun in multicolored block

pot with small seed above it and word "seed" next to it
B A S F logo with hollow grey square and words "we create chemistry"
hexion company logo with X-shaped coloured figure and words "responsible chemistry"