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9th Annual Green Chemistry Symposium

Green chemistry symposium, theme: Making Greener Choices (A more sustainable approach to chemistry). May 15-17 2024. At the Univeristy of Toronto
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University of Toronto, St. George Campus

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The GCI is a student organization focused on raising awareness and promoting green chemistry practices within the chemistry community. In partnership with McGill University, we are currently organizing our 9th annual GCI Symposium, “Making Greener Choices: A more sustainable approach to chemistry”, that aims to encourage students to implement more sustainable practices in their research, teaching and careers. 


Our events are designed to connect students, post-doctoral fellows, and faculty members interested in Green Chemistry with current leaders in the field to discuss advances in chemical processes and the future of sustainable research practices.  This year we will be featuring speakers from academia and industry, as well as a student-led panel discussion and a workshop with ACS Green Chemistry Institute



We will also be hosting a poster session which we encourage your students to submit an abstract for. Abstracts are limited to 200 characters. The inclusion or mention of Green Chemistry elements or aspects is not a prerequisite for the submission of poster abstracts. However, all presenters are invited to look for opportunities to talk about Green Chemistry within the context of their research. Posters from previous conferences are welcome!  


Travel Scholarships:

We are offering travel scholarships to contribute towards the commute and accommodation expenses. The amount awarded will depend on the total estimated expenditure of each attendee.


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