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Catalysing Change: Bringing sustainable chemistry to your boss

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Green Rose Chemistry

Event Description

Join this free webinar from Green Rose Chemistry to learn how you can accelerate change in your organisation by advocating for sustainable chemistry. This webinar is empowering, practical, and completely free. Anyone can create change!


What will you learn?


  • How green chemistry can provide environmental and social benefits 
  • The business value of green chemistry, including market opportunities and risk avoidance
  • Strategies for effectively promoting green chemistry in your workplace with clear examples
  • Case studies of employees successfully bringing about change from within their companies

The webinar will be delivered by Anna Zhenova, CEO & Founder of Green Rose Chemistry and IUK Unlocking Potential Award winner. Anna is a green chemist with a passion for the innovative side of sustainable chemistry. She excels in translating academic expertise to real-world applications, and wants to help you accelerate the transition to more sustainable materials.


Register now and join the green industrial revolution!