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16th European Conference on Research in Chemical Education

The logo shows a beaker with a plant growing inside with an arrow pointing to a molecule, to a book, and back to the beaker as a closed cycle. To the right, text reads ECRICE 2024, 16th European Conference on Research in Chemical Education, Nova School of Science and Technology- Campus da Caparica, Lisbon. September 05-07,2024. Chemical Education for Sustainable Development: Empowering Education Communities.
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“Dear colleagues,

We are happy to welcome you to the ECRICE 2024, the 16 European Conference on Research in Chemical Education, to be held at NOVA School of Science and Technology, Campus da Caparica, Lisbon, September 5-7, 2024.


This conference on research in chemical education, recognised by EuChemS, is an important event to disseminate new research and developments. It is important to know how learners acquire knowledge, how to facilitate this acquisition and trigger it. It is relevant to examine different learning environments, new educational tools, and new ways in which neuroeducation, technology and artificial intelligence, can be integrated into chemical education, and promote the engagement of students in the learning process. But nowadays this is not enough. It is necessary to do this through the lens of sustainability, having in mind the 17 SDGs. Therefore, ECRICE 24’s theme is “Chemical Education for Sustainable Development: Empowering Education Communities”


The ECRICE24 Committees of this International conference invite all chemistry education researchers and teachers to come to the conference and challenge them to showcase presentations, submit abstracts, and present work, regarding new developments in Chemical Education, through the lens of sustainable goals, and participate in the ECRICE 2024 meeting.


We are looking forward to welcoming you in Lisbon.


Enjoy the conference!




Isabel Ribau, Conference Chair

A. Jorge Parola, Secretary General of the Portuguese Chemical Society

Juaquim Luís Faria, President of the Portuguese Chemical Society"