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Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition - Winnipeg

A brown banner with green and tan elements a the bottom. White text reads: CSC 2024 with the CSC logo (a molecular design). Green capitalized text reads Winnipeg, followed by white text reading: June 2-6, #CSC2024
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The Beyond Benign Team is happy to share that our members will be attending the 2024 Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition in Winnipeg! More information including featured talks is forthcoming. We hope to see you there! See the official conference description, sourced from the CSC 2024 website, quoted in part below:

"...Our conference theme, “The Central Science”, is inspired in part by our recognition that Chemistry touches upon all scientific disciplines, and we hope that scientists studying every aspect of chemistry and its applications will gather to share their knowledge and experiences. Appropriately, Winnipeg is situated near the longitudinal centre of Canada and the geographical centre of North America, thus we will draw scholars, industry experts and early career talents from all directions to enjoy this meeting.


We look forward to welcoming you to CSC 2024 next June!"


Professor David Palmer, Department of Chemistry, University of Saskatchewan
Conference Chair