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Green Chemistry & Chemical Stewardship Online Certificate Program

Event Date
Hosting Organization
University of Washington, Seattle

Event Description

This certificate program provides professionals with new tools for incorporating chemical
toxicity and human health considerations into product design, materials selections and supply chain decision-making. The courses focus on sustainability business models and green chemistry principles to prevent and reduce pollution at the source. Program participants may register for all 3 courses at one time, or register at least 2 weeks before the start of each course. During this 3-course program, you will explore:

  • Business drivers and barriers to implementing sustainable practices
  • Frameworks for incorporating chemical toxicity and human health considerations into
    product design, material selections, and supply chain decision-making
  • The 12 guiding principles of green chemistry
  • Environmental, economic, and societal benefits of green chemistry
  • Latest research and regulatory developments in the field
  • New tools for chemical design and methods for comparative chemical hazard

Courses included are detailed below:

3 required courses:

COURSE I: Sustainability, Toxicology, and Human Health 

September 25, 2023 - December 8, 2023 | Cost: $910 | CEUs: 5

Overview of fundamental principles of toxicology, human health, and material science. Participants will review their own business’ sustainability drivers and barriers while investigating the health and environmental hazards that contribute to human disease.

COURSE II: Principles of Green Chemistry 

January 2, 2024 - March 8, 2024 | Cost: $910 | CEUs: 5

Fundamental principles of green chemistry, including the human and ecological reasons for considering less toxic alternatives and the various green applications to chemical design. overview of new tools and cutting edge research for the design of 21st century chemicals that minimize hazards to health and the environment.

COURSE III: Assessment Tools for Safer Chemical Decisions 

March 25, 2024 - May 31, 2024 | Cost: $910 | CEUs: 5

Decision-making tools and methods used for comparative chemical hazard assessments. Participants will have an opportunity to use these tools through the completion of a culminating project.


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