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Info Session: Green Chemistry Commitment

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Beyond Benign, Inc.

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The Green Chemistry Commitment (GCC) is a framework to unite the Green Chemistry higher education community around a common vision to:

  • Expand the community of green chemists;
  • Grow departmental resources;
  • Improve connections to job opportunities;
  • Affect systemic and lasting change in chemistry education.

Join us for an information session, where you can learn more about the GCC’s benefits and outcomes of becoming a GCC Signer. We’ll also be sharing our latest initiatives for the higher education community including the Green Chemistry Teaching & Learning Community (GCTLC) Online Platform and our Minority Serving Institutions (MSI) Initiative.

When your institution becomes a GCC signer, you will gain:

  • Access to a broad and supportive community of chemistry experts;
  • A flexible framework for green chemistry curriculum and training;
  • A benchmark to track progress on learning and research objectives;
  • A network dedicated to shifting how and what the next generation of chemists learn;
  • Access to funding opportunities and projects.

The GCC is a departmental commitment, so please consider inviting your colleagues or department chair to this event.

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