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Info Session: Green Chemistry Commitment

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Beyond Benign, Inc.

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Beyond Benign is excited to invite all educators, students, and staff from higher education institutions to a Green Chemistry Commitment (GCC) Info Session on April 24, 2024. At this special event, you’ll have the opportunity to delve into the transformation of chemistry education with the renowned co-founder of green chemistry, Dr. John Warner.

Who: Higher education faculty, students, staff, and their peers (GCC signer status not required!)
What: A virtual meeting in which attendees will learn from one of the world’s foremost green chemistry leaders about green chemistry’s trajectory in higher education and strategies for implementation and communication.
When: April 24th, 2024, from 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM (EST)
Where: Online (meeting details to be sent after registration)


Why Green Chemistry Education Now:

Green chemistry offers educators and students the chance to practice chemistry in ways that benefit society and the planet, but transitioning to these methodologies can be challenging. Join us in this GCC Info Session to connect with peers, explore strategies for integrating green chemistry at your institution, and contribute to a global movement toward molecular and sustainable chemical design. Shape the future of chemistry education and innovation with us.


Meet Dr. John Warner:

Dr. John Warner co-founded the field of green chemistry and Beyond Benign. With a distinguished career spanning academia and industry, John is renowned for his trailblazing work in creating sustainable solutions inspired by nature. His contributions to green chemistry, including the co-authorship of its defining principles, have earned him widespread recognition and prestigious awards.


U.S. Institutions, Join Us in Our 25×25 Initiative:

Beyond Benign aims to ensure that 25% of graduating chemists in the United States have a background in green chemistry by 2025, and the involvement of our U.S. community is vital to reaching this target. Join us at this GCC Info Session to discover how you can contribute to transforming chemistry education and expanding access to green chemistry resources for all students and institutions. (Non-U.S. institutions are still encouraged to join us!)


About the Green Chemistry Commitment:

The Green Chemistry Commitment (GCC) serves as a unifying framework for the higher education community, fostering the expansion of green chemists, enhancing departmental resources, facilitating connections to job opportunities, and driving systemic and enduring change in chemistry education. Learn more here.

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